Crash Time III

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CINEMATIC THRILL RIDE ? Crash Time III delivers high octane, asphalt-churning thrills inspired by Hollywood ?s most intense car chases. * THE CHASE IS ON ? Execute jaw dropping stunt maneouvers for ultimate motor vehicle carnage, experience the white knuckle adrenaline rush of fast paced chases through city streets. * THE MAN & THE MISSION ? Over 70 missions with a developing storyline that sees you caught in a web of international terrorism on the streets and autobahn covering an area of 200km. * SIGNATURE STUNTS ? Engage in death-defying driving maneouvers that only an expert pursuit driver can perform, outdrive and outclass your enemy?s skills behind the wheel to perform the ultimate vehicle takedown. * THE CAR IS THE STAR – More than 40 vehicles, from police cars , high powered saloons, performance cars and even airport fire engines to add to the chase.