Betty Boop Double Shift

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Betty Boop is back for an interactive adventure on the DS. Featuring the same fantastic Max Fleisher art style as the originals, Betty Boops Double Shift promises to be a hit with games of all ages and abilities. Betty has dreams of making it to the big time on the silver screen but needs to raise some cash in order to make her dream come true. Gramps offers her the chance to work in his ailing Jazz Caf where she can earn tips and turn his business around. Help Betty make her new venture a success enable her to live her dream. * Simple campaign-style gameplay makes Betty Boops Double Shift accessible to everyone. * Strategic management is required to perform various tasks around the restaurant and keep everyone happy. * Co-operative and adversarial multiplayer lets two gamers either work together to serve their customers or run competing restaurants. * Customers have varying persona that will affect their requirements. These include Average Joe, Snobby Sally, Goons, Lazy Bones, Slobs, Food Critics and Flyboys. * Power Mode reward for good service enables you to double your output.