Beast Quest

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Embark on an epic action-adventure to save the kingdom of Avantia from ruin. Based on the best-selling fantasy novels, Beast quest comes to Nintendo Switch for the first time ever, with a rich, progressive storyline, vibrant settings, and an excess of compelling challenges.Features: A sprawling, epic journey – Explore spectacular environments on your quest to release the beasts that are under the dark magic of the wizard, Malvel. action-packed combat – Battle dangerous creatures and take on giant beasts in boss battles, using swift manoeuvres to dodge, block and attack enemies. Profound upgrades – Upgrade health, attack and defence through your skill tree, and equip accessories to augment your hero’s attributes. a land of treasure – Explore snowy peaks and spooky forests, seeking out ancient artefacts and lost fortune. hundreds of challenges – Embark on numerous side missions along your journey that reveal the many hidden secrets of Avantia.