Battle Fantasia

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In keeping with the fantasy themes of the game, Battle Fantasia also has elements familiar to fans of role-playing games. Instead of having a standard health bar, characters have hit-points that drain away as they take damage. As a result smaller characters have less health but are faster and harder to hit, whereas larger ones can deal more damage but are lumbering hulks. This means the gameplay experience is unlike any fighter you’ve played before.Battle Fantasia includes a variety of different modes, including story, practice, survival, time attack, versus mode and online multiplayer. What’s more, by playing through the story mode, it’s possible to unlock new costumes for the fighters, along with a range of artwork by Guilty Gear series legend Emiko Iwasaki.Features: * A faithful recreation of the awesome arcade game, from the developers of the Guilty Gear series * Fast-paced, fluid and balanced fighting * Innovative 2.5D graphics engine * 12 playable characters with their own range of special moves * 2-player head-to-head action and online multiplayer * Artwork and character design by Emiko Iwasaki