Barbie: Jet, Set & Style

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Barbie has just launched a new enterprise, Jet, Set & Style Inc., and you are her top fashionista. It will take all your style and fashion expertise to satisfy her fabulous celebrity clientele. Travel the globe from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, London, Moscow and more, as you tend to the hair, makeup, nails and fashion of the worlds most glamorous starlets and socialites.Fly aboard the Barbie Jet Salon to gather stylistic inspiration from exciting international locales. Earn fashionista points as your skills grow, until finally, youre ready for the big show your opportunity to style Barbie herself in her very own ultra-glam fashion show in Milan. Remember everything you learned and make Barbie truly HAIR-tastic you never know which special leading man might make an appearance!Key Features: HAIR-tastic: Fashionistas will cut and style clients hair in a number of realistic motion-based mini-games that include curling, extensions, straightening and colouring. Fabulous: Turn up the glitz with all the hottest manicure styles. Choose a length, file nails into shape, polish and bedazzle them! Glamorous: Hunt through wardrobes to create fab fashion statements, but remember: you arent finished until the client loves her outfit! Beautiful: Apply blush, lipstick, eye-shadow and even coloured contact lenses in the fully-equipped Jet Salon. Nintendo DS/DSi: The stylus serves as your creative touch in the handheld versions. Use it to cut, primp and style. Fashionistas can even apply their own photos to clothing with the Nintendo DSi camera.