Animal Paradise

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Feed, clean, walk and play with them, but above all make them happy to earn their love. This exciting title will thrill animal lovers of all ages with its exciting mix of pets, including everything from dogs and cats to hamsters and pigs.Miniature Deutchhound (Dog)Welsh Corgi (Dog)Labrador Retriever (Dog)Golden Retriever (Dog)Shiba (Dog)Chi-Wa-wa (Dog)American Shorthair (Cat)Russian Blue (Cat)Netherland Dwarf (Rabbit)Lop-Earred (Rabbit)Golden HamsterJangalian HamsterMiniature PigHorseSquirrelChickChickenFeatures Featuring 18 different animals for you to meet, befriend and photograph. Feed the animals their favourite foods to keep them fit and healthy. Always make sure the animals are happy and clean to keep their friendship. Featuring Yoneo Morita?s HanaDeka?s renowned (Big Nose) style of animal photography. Take great photographs of your pet friends, collect the pictures and complete your photo album. The ?pet products? genre has become one of the best selling styles of products for the Nintendo DS.