Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Animal Crossing goes mobile! Venture into a virtual village, where you can decorate your house, go for a spot of fishing or just shoot the breeze with your fellow animal residents! You don’t have to play alone, either; as well as a single player mode, up to four players can hook up in the same village, using either wireless LAN or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.Unlike other games, Animal Crossing doesn?t pressure you to complete levels, achieve scores or learn complex controls; you simply play however – and whenever – you want. For instance, at the start of the game you are given a house and a mortgage to pay, but you can choose to pay off that mortgage any way you wish. You could help out at the local shop, become a treasure hunter and sell your findings to the town museum, or make money selling T-shirts you designed yourself.Playing the game is simplicity itself, as almost all control is handled with the stylus and Touch Screen. To move around, simply point where you want to go; or to make a clothing pattern, just draw your design on the screen.Visiting a friend’s virtual town is also easy, even if he or she is hundreds of miles away from you in the real world! You can even send your friends a present, or trade items that caught your eye. From decorating your home with special furniture to bonding with an ever-changing influx of animal friends, your virtual life starts right here! * Live life in a virtual village where you do things at your own pace. * Simple controls let you do everything from writing letters, designing patterns and moving around by just making simple movements with your stylus. * Play with friends wirelessly and visit the town somebody else has created!